A Natural Return
Elderberry Walk – Cheyne Capital

Introducing Elderberry Walk, a prestigious ensemble of homes nestled in a serene woodland surrounding near Bristol, celebrated for its accolades in the industry. Despite its initial branding, the leading investment fund recognised the need for a transformation, seeking a more befitting representation.

Entrusted with this vital mission, I was commissioned to revitalise the brand and craft a captivating digital journey that would elevate the sales process. Our strategic vision centred around highlighting the core proposition – a harmonious interplay between nature and its inhabitants. Emphasising this seamless integration, we envisioned Elderberry Walk as an immersive environment, where residents coexist in perfect harmony with the surrounding natural splendour.

To encapsulate this essence, we meticulously curated a sophisticated and design-led brand, mirroring the very essence of living and flourishing at Elderberry Walk. Our new identity beautifully captures the captivating experience that awaits prospective homeowners amidst the tranquil woodland, creating a lasting impression that resonates with their desire for a harmonious and enriched lifestyle.

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Buyer’s packs

What you have delivered for us is a seriously impressive site. Thank you.